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vendredi 23 juillet 2010


For your enjoyment and contemplation, I am pleased to present two poems written by poet Sunil Narayan. The first is a dedication to Mdvanii, and the second, for Soraya, Mdvanii's Indian friend who is psychic!

In the following poem, you will find references to Charles Frederick Worth (the father of haute couture) and Queen Maud of Norway.

Mdvanii Stirs Her Lover’s Desire!

The designers of Paris say Mdvanii is an immortal muse who lives in the heart of every artist

From her chair she imparts ideas to a grand courtier expecting nothing in return

Sitting on a silk seat containing the feathers of Zeús’eagle

The legs made from the crushed material of diamonds

She sees her master in all directions, a large man standing proudly

Yet, is trapped in a luxurious home with no one to keep her company

How can an emotional lady survive this arduous life?

Her enlarged heart and sophisticated walk enchanted the socialites of the city

Now, the reality of Mdvanii is a preserved muse for a demanding courtier

She looks upwards to see lust and creativity colliding

From such a powerful fight pearls strung with gold fall into her hands

A meager compensation for a sumptuous lady!

She sighs before changing into her evening dress

The spring season once blossomed like her marigolds

Surprising all who lounged at the saloons

As if Gaïa was splashed with the color of the forest trees!

In the corner of her room a closet with shelves perfectly lined with

shoes made from colors of the rainbow

Pink, blue, red, orange and yellow!

Each day she picks a pair to match her silk gloves

A string of pearls to tie around her waist, gold bracelets to place on her light wrists, and moonstone pins to hold her thick hair in a chignon

A refined lady has choices, choices and choices!

Twenty evening dresses made for the Queen of Norway hang from the hooks

They’re waterfalls of creamy colors from the Amazon jungles

For each one gold thread was sewn into the fabric to form a blossoming magnolia

As she puts on her heels Charles wraps a silk shawl made of crushed rose quartz around her supple body

He adorns her smooth neck with a ruby necklace so long it rests between her breasts

She barely notices this sweet gesture while applying pink blush

Her eyes in the shape of the waning Selēnē are lost in serenity

A man who drinks to squash his guilt must continue to lavish his goddess with pieces befitting the Queen of the Universe!

Gemstones smuggled from India are crushed into light powder

He sprinkles it onto white strips of cloth then smoothes it out

Although, a doubt pricks his mind, making him feel guilty for doing a cruel deed

His clients knock on the rotting door of his studio demanding their garments

Charles shoos them away as if they are wandering beggars

His mind fixated on a refined woman entrapped in his heart

He gives her potent lust to taste yet Mdvanii rejects it

What seems to be the magnificence of courtier is in fact Mdvanii!

She runs along his arms tickling him

With one hand the resplendent muse blows blue petals into his mind

To her surprise the wind snatches her white hat snickering in delight

Mdvanii’s eyes turn red with bubbling anger

She’s a cat ready to pounce a taunting mouse!

On his sewing table a large red gemstone manifests

Cut in the shape of a tulip, its sharp edge is hardly noticeable

Passion gives it color for which Charles fixates on

He rubs the edge unaware of blood sliding down the treasure

Mdvanii plays her games without giving a reason

She is a muse of few words but her actions have a language of their own

Charles will never see her inner world for he was devoured by his own


Suraiyā, or Soraya is a Persian name. In the following poem, the name "Prithivi" refers to the earth or goddess of the earth; the name ushas refers to the dawn or Goddess of the Dawn, the name Sakra refers to Indra, the King of the Gods who presides over heaven; the name Ganga refers to the holy Ganga river or the Goddess of the Ganga (Ganga is one of the holiest rivers in India and is the place where one can purify his body of the sins he committed in this life), the word "devas" refers to the Gods of the Hindu pantheon.

A Swan Who Wallows In Lotus Laden Ponds

She walks into the banquet room of the Château de Versailles feeling out of place

Such a refined lady with skin as soft as a doe’s coat

Pearls that dangle above her swan-like neck

Eyes so tranquil, flutter like butterflies in a garden

A woman who floats from room to room unaware of everyone’s presence

They look into those lotus petal shaped eyes to see a secret world

Gardens stretching for miles fill the air with the scent of roses

Uás cannot help but inhale this sweet perfume

Radiant marigolds bask in the Sun’s warmth

Jasmine trees stand tall to give shade for all of Pthivī’s critters

They lay at the base sighing for amour had consumed them

A gazelle who once nestled at the feet of Pthivī is now an elegant lady

Yes! Suraiyā is the child of Pthivī

Her hands decorated in emerald rings have fingers that flow like the Gangā

So pure and gentle men have followed her around the world just to be caressed by those fingers

They are savages who’ve succumbed to the feminine power of an untainted goddess

Yet, why does she not look at these men?

At the far end of the room gourmet Indian dishes line up a long glass table

An aroma of mixed spices travels through the air

Men who smell it divert their eyes to Suraiyā

She stands before the table delighted by such a sumptuous feast

Her hands move towards the glass spoon dipped in the dāl bowl

Ashamed by bad manners Suraiyā pulls her hand back

The host who has been seduced by Suraiyā’s beauty tells her it is quite alright

A smile transforms Suraiyā’s face like Uás bathing the world in light

Those eyes of her enchants the host, bringing him to his knees

His heart grew ten times with each pulse sighing in joy

A goddess has locked eyes with a humble king

An elegant lady created in the nest of the Pthivī looks into the eyes of many

The pain, the happiness, the frustration, the excitement, the joy!

These emotions are the colors in her gardens

And all men, women and children have their own inner gardens

Suraiyā’s lotus-petal eyes see the world’s inner beauty permeating all things

Even the sky, an ocean for the Devás, is a jewel created by Pthivī!

Suraiyā’s sari is fashioned from the Devás’ water

A long train from her shoulders floats above the floor as she walks around the room

All guests spend hours watching Suraiyā create a stream with her sari

The scent of lilacs flows from the fabric into their noses

Śakra’s heaven cannot compare to the moment they are lost in!

A rarity in this world is locked away for centuries but comes out when humanity has submerged in harmonious bliss

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  1. Challenging poems to read but wonderful nonetheless! Mdvanii in all her incarnations deserves a specially-crafted literary piece to portray her uniqueness.