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samedi 23 octobre 2010

"Iris Noir" Mdvanii 1989/90 Prototype

"Iris Noir" Mdvanii 1989/90 Prototype

"Double Rhogit-Rhogit" by BillyBoy* & Lala 1993/2001

This painting was started in 1993 and finished in 2001 was shown in a number of museum shows including the 2001 exhibition at La Maison d'ailleurs museum, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland show called "Mdvanii, Souvenirs de la Terre - BillyBoy* & Lala" and Musée d'Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland .

It was Andy Warhol who personally taught BillyBoy* to do silkscreen painting and this work was created using that process and hand brush strokes. It is one of a large series depicting Mdvanii and her friends and family.

"Is The Doll World Ready For A Little Discipline?" by BillyBoy* & Lala 1998

This iconic Mdvanii called "Discipline" was shown in a number of different important museum shows in Europe and Switzerland and sold for a record price at a Hotel Drouot contemporary art sale (Maitre Robert & Associate) ten years after her creation. She appeared on the poster for the Halle Saint Pierre museum exhibition in Paris, France called "Poupées" was seen in every corner and every kiosk of the city, including everywhere on the Paris Métro. She now is in a private collection. The chair is by a Thailandese designer. The black case contains her own dildoes.

jeudi 21 octobre 2010

Mdvanii Supports Glammy Awards - Celebrating New York's New Superstars

Fierth Magazine Pre Glammy Awards Party @ Vig27 - Brian Mills' online magazine/blog celebrated the nominees for this year's Glammy Awards in Murray Hill.

In Photos:

Mike Diamond

Francis Legge

Joey Arias

and MDVANII'S LEGS on her MDVANIIISM teeshirt which Mr Mills so elegantly wears.


mercredi 13 octobre 2010

“Zhdrick”. Paris, 1993. Shown in the FNAC show in 1993 which traveled for 3 years throughout France

Sunil Narayan's poems about Mdvanii were published today on Online Pagans Magazine, a poetry forum

Sunil Narayan's erotic poems about Mdvanii, Soraya and Ishwar were published today on
Online Pagans Magazine, a poetry forum. We all congratulate him.

Ivy Ney photo of BillyBoy* in Los Angeles, 1980s

From the photographic series "Constant Craving", 2006 shown at the Musée d'Elysée. Lausanne, Switzerland

"On a beautiful autumn day Mdvanii and Rhogit-Rhogit talk openly about their bisexuality”. Mdvanii and Rhogit-Rhogit, Compiègne-Chantilly, 1993.

This famous image was used for three years during an exhibition throughout France at the FNAC galleries and also for the famous box for the Mdvanii and family dolls of the years of the exhibitions. BillyBoy* took his dolls on a "road trip" throughout France and photographed them in famous cities.

This famous box will make it's re-appearance with the new editions of Mdvanii and the "Classic Mdvanii Clone" series for winter 2011 available soon. Cheong Kwon represents them in NY. There soon will be a great new series of United States venues and projects including a book.

BillyBoy* aged 17 at home on Park Avenue and a few Barbie dolls...

"Forever Slim" photograph - Mdvanii and the work of Sylvie Fleury, 2006

J. Craig Shelton III shares a Mdvanii from his collection with us

J. Craig Shelton III is a serious Mdvanii collector who has some of the rarest outfits you can imagine. He has fully grasped the reasons the artists invented Mdvanii and interacts with her as they ideally would wish. She is truly "art for contemplation" and Mr Shelton III engages in this contemplation with his amazing collection.

Here we see the immensely rare Casino prototype outfit, for which he has the entire set, yet here he uses some of the truly unusual accessories of several other unique, one-of-a-kind prototype outfits he owns making a totally unique Mdvanii look. Notice the rare Cabriolet hat worn with the ensemble. He took the photos of his collection, all the pieces being great rarities. He has a magnificent collection and the artists are always happy to see his photos which show how imaginative he is with it.

vendredi 1 octobre 2010

1984 BillyBoy* Nouveau Théâtre de la Mode Barbie sketch

Early sketch, 1984, of the Barbie which eventually was produced in Oyonnax, France by Mattel, France. It was the very first Barbie doll every made with a designer's name on the box. Oscar de la Renta was the second one....BillyBoy* did hundreds of real prototype dolls and even more sketches. This sketch is in a private collection in the USA.