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jeudi 9 juin 2011

Tapetenwechsel by Ela Aschenbach

by Ela Aschenbach.

This video above comes from the website:
virtuelles Spielzeugmuseum der 50er Jahre

Images: (BillyBoy* & Lala) Bild Lilli Era Moritz Gottschalk DDR (East German) Vero doll shop (representing a Dusseldorf dress shop) circa 1950 -1955 and a Bild Lilli Era Bild Zeitung tin bank to promote Bild Lilli at the Toy Fair in Germany in the 50s.

mardi 7 juin 2011

Plastic Robot Plans to Plastic Wrap the Town! A Mixed Media project in New York, NY by Christopher Stribley

About this project

I will be creating a number of new paintings, as well as several screen prints, collage pieces, textile pieces, and sculptures for a show that will open, here in NY, on August 4th. Paintings will be done on pages of vintage books, such as medical manuals and will require matting and framing. Collage pieces will be made of found materials and I will also need to purchase some materials to complete them, add finishing touches, and possibly to display them. I am working on a couple of sets of screen prints, which will be printed on paper mostly, with a few printed on t-shirts. The sculptures will mostly be made of plastic toys, which I will melt together. I will also be creating one sculpture out of plaster bandages and some other curious bits and pieces, including roofing nails and string. My main themes are anomalies, love, and war, with the themes intertwining at times.

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lundi 6 juin 2011

The Mistress Lauren (tm) - Simply The Best. Superior in fact.

Okay, where does Mdvanii begin?

The Mistress Lauren (trademark) is superior in every single sense of the word. Its a service of BDSM. Done by to the simply highest levels of elegance and of course pleasure.

This Venus in Furs specialist says:

I entered the world of BDSM and Fetish quite unexpectedly...

We were in graduate school at the time and it was Christmas break. My boyfriend and I headed for sunny South Beach; far from the cold wintery north.

Returning to our hotel room after a very long and festive evening (in my brand new 5 and a half inch classic stiletto pumps!), I complained that my feet were killing me.

Returning to our hotel room after a very long and festive evening (in my brand new 5 and a half inch classic stiletto pumps!), I complained that my feet were killing me.

But rather than offering me the much needed foot massage I was expecting - he merely laughed at Me and said that I was being dramatic.

I squinted to re-evaluate the man who cleaned My dishes, did My laundry and prepared My dinner every evening!

After what felt like an eternity, I smiled at the love of My life, and said “put them on”, while gesturing towards the cause of My discomfort.

"Do I have to?" he whined.

Tossing My stockings at him (which landed on his head), I added "and put on My stockings so you don't wreck My new shoes!" Pulling the hosiery off his head, he whined, "stockings too?" and he slipped them right on.

As if that were not enough (and it was not!), I instructed him to pack My luggage while I stretched out on the bed and watched TV!

I adored watching him as he carefully packed My bags in nothing but My stockings and stilettos. Every now and then he whimpered "I can't believe you're making me do this”

We continued these games to O/our mutual satisfaction throughout the relationship without ever giving it a name.

By the time I left New Haven - I learned that these games had a name - several, in fact; Female Supremacy, Female Dominance, and Power Exchange.

I am very turned on by Power Exchange whether it be with a seasoned player or a novice.I have been a Professional Mistress for over 13 years; and a Lifestyler for - L/let’s just say a lot longer.

This remarkably chic, highly glamorous and deeply fabulous service speaks for itself on this new website. The themes are varied and you have to see it for yourself to know to which extent it is go do it....NOW!

The most Mdvanii-esque of pursuits....The Mistress Lauren (tm) website and services are not only an example of an absolute Mdvaniiism but is the proof that this work, done by one of Mdvanii's dearest friends, is a true work of art....

Cheong Kwon, Associate Curator for Fondation Tangara has Bachelorette Party!

Getting Married is serious business, our very own Cheong Kwon, Associate Curator for the Fondation Tanagra and United States Representative of the work of BillyBoy* & Lala serves serious realness at her very own Bachelorette Party...marriage clearly is a very serious business....wishing her the bbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeest! She's here with Davey Mitchell of ArtbyDavey....both serving House of BillyBoy* & Lala vintage 80s Surreal Bijoux realness.....and they played and frolicked and danced the night away,......

Art by Davey backstage at "LOW LIFE 2011", Howl Festival with the lovely Pixie Harlots

Art by Davey backstage at "LOW LIFE 2011", Howl Festival with the lovely Pixie Harlots wearing his BillyBoy* Surreal Bijoux Necklace by BillyBoy* and Lala......♥....

jeudi 2 juin 2011

"Summer Dreams" Clip - CIRCOPITANGA are friends to Mdvanii

"Summer Dreams" Clip - CIRCOPITANGA are friends to Mdvanii

Circo Pitanga

These acrobats are a sensational and will be traveling from Switzerland to Italy this can book them, or go see them by simply looking them up on FaceBook...yes, it's that simple. Oren Schreiber Loise Haenni

Wikipedia Mdvanii article - All the essentials about Mdvanii - Davey Mitchell a.k.a The Red Lion Mdvaniiizes himself and becomes a Mdvaniiism

Here we see Davey Mitchell a.k.a The Red Lion at a recent Pat Field picnic barbeque party in New York and also his recent photo of the Mdvanii video of L'Amour n'a pas de prix by Lala (which can see on Youtube).

The Photographes of Frédéric Charrière - Heidiland, le Wallensee ou le Loch Ness de Suisse Orientale…

Mdvanii highly recommends seeing the work of photographer Frédéric Charrière. We quote him here…:

Un lac bien caché dans les préalpes appenzelloises… Un tempérament imprévisible par ses couleurs, passants du turquoise laiteux au vert émeraude via la case bleue roi… Tous les ingrédients d’une destination de rêve. D’abord la jolie Waldenstadt, surplombée par les sept princes décideurs du Saint Empire Romain Germanique: les Churfristen – nom à l’origine acerbement débattue -: de majestueux pics pyramidaux., Puis les cascades oniriques de ce lac qui abriterait volontiers un monstre marin, ses oiseaux et ses plages très sauvages et abruptes du côté nord et puis une barre rocheuse interdisant tout passage a qui ne pratique pas l’escalade musclée… Donc bateau d’un hameau merveilleux et fleuri du nom de Quinten (Quarten sur certaines cartes étrangères) pour Murg, plus citadine. On entre pourtant, de ce côté sud du lac, dans le canton de Glaris, très champêtre.

Une nuit d’un sommeil réparateur s’impose à moi et Uma.

Le lendemain Forêts et champs fleuris sont au programme, ainsi que le Sagenbrücke, pont des légendes (que j’ignore malheureusement). De magnifiques cascades me font prendre le temps de poser mon trépied et de visser un filtre à effet spécial pour l’occasion (ND400).

Nous terminons sous des lignes à haute-tension qui viennent sérieusement gâcher l’ambiance donc peu après Obstalden, car postal jusqu’à Wesen but terminal du « Grand Tour du Waallensee ». Magnifique.

This portfolio is called Heidiland, le Wallensee ou le Loch Ness de Suisse Orientale… and it's simply stunning. His sensitivity to nature's colours, animals and flowers, or mountain glaciers are the same, delicately refined and deeply spiritual. He will soon have a special limited edition Mdvanii set which has been planned and worked on for more than a year,.....

It really is worth taking the time to study the prolific output of his work. Each trip and subject is masterly handled. Considering the great difficulties he has endured to create these artworks, it makes them even more admirable. Frédéric Charrière has shown us that Paradise is on earth.

* Behind the Scenes with Teenage Fashion Dolls and their Clothes - some Observations and Reminiscences by BillyBoy*