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vendredi 23 juillet 2010


When BillyBoy* started to conceptualize Mdvanii as early as 1987, he first thought he may create Mdvanii in a variety of different ethnicities. He and Lala made many prototypes of many different races of Mdvanii, Mdvaniis of all nations!

Ultimately they thought it would be stronger to simply make a tribe of characters from all over the world, but there are many prototypes including this dark-skinned Indian Mdvanii, who, with her shell necklace has a Polynesian air to her. Also, notice the green eyes! The various races for her tribe eventually did appear and even within the various cultures, the skin tones varied greatly, for example; Dheei has a wide range of dark skin tones from very light to very dark. Soraya too has varied skin tones and Youssef, who is from Kabile, varies in tones of skin from very pale to tanned.

None of these prototypes have ever been sold and therefore exist in no collection anywhere. Only once in a while have they been shown in museum exhibitions. Some have been donated to the Fondation Tanagra.

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