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samedi 25 septembre 2010

BillyBoy* & Lala Edie Superstar

Dom Pérignon have been the sponsors of BillyBoy* & Lala for years and the prestigious champagne's recent Andy Warhol tribute, done a few years after the BillyBoy* & Lala Edie Superstar video, shows the artists influence on the new Dom Pérignon promotion clearly.....


vendredi 24 septembre 2010

Artist Christopher Stribley, friend to BB* IS SO MDVANII-ESQUE!

I spoke with Christopher Stribley today. The New York artist whom I adore was feeling a bit peaked but in good spirits. I called him from Switzerland, straight to the hallway of the famous funny farm he is currently holed up in. He almost out chic-ed Mdvanii, thusly, he is SOOoooooo Mdvanii.....he IS a MDVANIIISM! Can you imagine? He is a living, breathing Mdvaniiism!

Nestled comfortably in the Psychiatric Ward of Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, slightly drugged out and zoning, the totally 19th-century artist clearly has decided to live classic poetical moments and give forth, for the year of our Lord 2010, major art aura. From this iron barred windowed place of prestige where the momentarily disturbed have gone since ages, when you speak with him the first thing you hear is that he has a slight British accent, of such poise and elegance, you can only wonder where it comes from,...endless cultivation surely.

He knows Emma by Jane Austen as well as I do. That catches me by total surprise.

Currently he's reading something called "The Best American Nonrequired Reading of 2010" (Edited by Dave Eggers and with an introduction by David Sedaris, published by Mariner Press, Boston/NY). It's all so mysterious and a twee bit oppressive, we can just only twinge with delight at it's 19th-century oppressiveness and je ne sais quoi. It seems whatever he says or does, even in the mythic "nut farm" as he called it, it turns into poetry. Subtle, minimalistic poetry.

He's so punk. He's so Victoriana Punk. He's Steam Punk and Pop Punk. When you see him, tall, skinny, red-haired and bearded usually, he looks right out of a Daguerreotype. Christopher has a dandy tucked inside his Sid Vicious glamour.

He's having a show for a month (opening November 11th until December 11th) at a place called, now does it surprise you?....., "LiveFast", a vintage clothing store specialzing in Rockabilly wear. It is located somewhere near Stanton and Rivington Streets on the Lower East Side. Isn't that just maddeningly chic? I can't bear it.

Christopher does photos of street art. He does it to the point that the street becomes HIS art, he has what one calls "an eye". He creates from what he sees and often what we don't see but should, poetry and magic when we'd sadly just hurry by it. He makes street art into (capital "S", capital "A") Street Art which turns immediately into just good ol' Art! The good stuff, the kind we want for a long time and not just like flairs, for a short while. You'll want to live with his stuff for eons, for decades, forever.

He has captured the essence of New York street art and made it into true fine art. Its like what Andy did for advertising art. He made it into real art that lasts. So, this is what Christopher is doing with ephemeral street art. He makes it solidify into something which lasts and which you can contemplate and linger on. Forever. Just look at the totally Mdvaniiism-esque pieces above. He has made us look at them in a way we would wish to look at them ideally. He's madly clever. He's very Mr. Knightley, indeed!

His alias is PlasticRobot on Facebook if you wish to follow him. He'll be back soon, once he's out of the Bellevue Psychiatric Ward. Goodness, that is so darn chic. It's so glamorous. He's had tons of glam people from Edie to Truman, to Zelda, to Tennessee to James Dean, from Marilyn to Sid preceed him who were there as well for the all sorts of reasons linked to their creative moments of epuisement, so he's in such great company. He's destined to be a respected artist. But living. Now.

Go see his show when it opens in November. I am sure it'll be hugely glam-a-rama. I recommend that those who do go buy up as much as you can of this art which is exceptionally good and very much an expression of this unique man and our times. Don't be an idiot, just go to the show and buy stuff and be glad you had the chance to do it and not moan about how you wish you had met any of the other fab artists who preceeded him whom I have just mentioned above.

- BillyBoy*

Any similarity???

mardi 21 septembre 2010

Diego Sanchez wears Westwood/McClaren teeshirt

Diego Sanchez, photographer, after modeling this for the lecture McClaren and BillyBoy* gave in St. Gallen goes out for a night on the town with BB* & Lala ....BB* changed into Galliano and Lala wore Ralph Lauren!

Artist Christopher Stribley, friend to BB* and musician Sid Vicious, friend to BB* - it's all about friends & teeshirts they wore and gave each other

Give a friend a teeshirt today!

Talented and gracious New York artist Christopher Stribley, friend to BillyBoy* pays homage to Mdvanii's high heels and his friends by wearing the teeshirt BB* & Lala created for a museum show (only 20 wear made) and sent to him. Christopher has an up-coming one-man show in the USA. We are all looking forward to it.....(dates, place, etc. to be posted shortly)

He stands in front of a painting of the dreamy Sid Vicious, who also was a friend to BillyBoy*.

Mr Vicious gave BillyBoy* a teeshirt by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McClaren (also friend to BB*), which is now iconic.....

Worn by BB* with the rest of the Westwood /McClaren gear for a show in the Musée des Beaux Arts in Belgium....

The photo of BB* which appeared in Condé Nast magazines, was taken in St Gallen when he did a lecture with McClaren in was the last time he'd see him. There, Diego Sanchez, artist photographer in Geneva, Switzerland modeled it for the lecture...BB* wore vintage Westwood/McClaren as well....

lundi 20 septembre 2010

Carol Lister, a private guest to milliner Stephen Jones in Antwerp for Jones' exhibition. Here she is, recently photographed wearing a Jones hat, of course. Carol is one of BillyBoy* and Lala's closest friends and was the person responsible for launching Mdvanii at Liberty & Co. in London in 1989!

Surreal Bijoux Classics -1980s

Brian Mills, founder of where BillyBoy* is special guest writer, with LOGO CHANNEL tv star Mike Diamond & friend Mike Radakovich

Brian Mills, founder of where BillyBoy* is special guest writer, with LOGO CHANNEL tv star Mike Diamond and friend Mike Radakovich Photo: Jeff Eason

vendredi 17 septembre 2010

Pharaoh pendant made for "Anne Karenine" Mdvanii ensemble

This is the very rare Pharaoh pendant which came with "Anne Karenine" Mdvanii ensemble. A great rarity and a unique jewel for Mdvanii, it is part of an important Mdvanii collection in the United States of America.

"Cabriolet" Mdvanii ensemble final version as presented to client

This is how the set ended up....with the scarab brooch and the parasol and extra flacon.....which was made at the time and added to the boxed set.

mardi 7 septembre 2010

Delices et Orgues

« Delices et Orgues », Mdvanii haute couture, prototype and one-of-a-kind, 1989

For dancing after a dinner party at a chic casino or nightclub, Mdvanii wears « Delices et Orgues » a one-of-a-kind creation of great rarity and beauty. Rumba and cocktails and glittery Parisian nightclub atmosphere is what this gown calls for.

In teal blue jersey, this classic fishtail gown is entirely draped by hand in the atelier, based upon her famous « Sortilege » creation featured in her first catalogue. Unliked the « Sortilege » model which is strictly constructed, this has soft pleats, 1940s-esque draped and padded shoulders, draped décollété in the back and has delicately hand-appliquéd black lace down the bodice and ruched black lace at the three-quarter length sleeves.

A mist of very fine grey tulle creates the voluptuous fishtail effect of the flounce and it has a sumptuous array of hand-done beadwork into the tulle….and infact, the entire gown is lavishly hand-embroidered in jet, blue and gold beadwork. The neckline has a shoulder-exposed effect, smothered in beads as well.

The « Shocking Pink » gloves have hand done gold beadwork to match. This evening ensemble has a sober clutch of matching jersey and the turban is the piéce-de-résistance, a draped high affair reminescent of the 1940s Paris. Matching jet and gold necklace choker and divine filigrée earrings, closed toe pump shoes to match.

vendredi 3 septembre 2010

Excerpt from BillyBoy*'s upcoming autobiography on

Mdvanii "L'Oracle"

BillyBoy* and Lala with curator of the mudac – Musée de design et d’arts appliqués contemporain - in Lausanne, Chantal Prud'hom.

This Mdvanii, "L'Oracle", 2007, in porcelain, was acquired for the mudac's permanent collection.

BillyBoy* is dressed in Comme des Garcons: pants and shirt and hat (Stephen Jones for Comme des Garcons), and Cartier glasses.