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jeudi 29 septembre 2011



Bitch Track Old School House Realness- Oh Sugar, Trust!

What is Trust?!

Trust is Mike Diamond!

American tv star, comedienne, and musician Mike Diamond is known for his hilarious videos and interviews in gay spots throughout the United States, he's the Dan Rowan AND Dick Martin AND REX REED of contemporary gay life in the USA.....and he knows what is and is not "tired" Mutherfucker.....ding dong!

He uses Neo-Classicism and Classic Ye-old-y World-y Skool Ballroom terms and gestures to create a traditional opera of House and Ballroom elegance and bitchfight classique. Truly, it's a modern opera.

Trust ...what is trust?..... trust means I feels ya, trust means girl you know it's true... but...

Trust means having total confidence in a statement you're making, be it verbally, on the runway or on the dance floor....

OKAY, how does one start to try to say when something is beyond ....just beyond...? We all love and want to blow Cazwell, but he's got a bit of competition goin' on now,.....

The big Mike D. is soooooo funny and explains, in electro-beat music, the gay scene and the various types......

Bears, Muscle Queens, Versatile Bottoms, ... etc and he knows what he's talking!

This song was produced by Mike Diamond and Devon Perry so you KNOWS it's gonna make you lie down and let it walk all over your sorry body with it's expensive shoes. Michael Dass did the styling, so you know it's gonna be totally real good when you feel Mike Diamond's sound doing runway up your ass.

However, the video, which if you're wonderin' is by Ben Hertzog and produced by Mike Radakovich is let me tell youuuuu,'s chuck full of hot boys in gorgeous array, one like a study in black Anti-Gaga (or Anti-Christ as you wish) with McQueen-esque shoes or hooves (I think, cuz it's lookin' so jazz-y, the sex-ed up, sex-ed out, sexness gear is all by Nick Stryker which is simply wonderfulness on a stick), one is habillé like a sex lad, youngin' jailbait-ish teen jock baby whose smile makes you faint with all those hormones goin' on inside you, he's in red with matching wings, PLUS a genuine, real McCoy, oh-my-Lord! Derrick Xtravanga hotness, and dancin' like the Last Comin' is just around the corner and givin' it all out to ya, last but not least, the kind of guy you want to pick you up in the restroom at the Ritz in London, a big-boned-size gorgeousness with a rhinestone necktie on his nose and sequin Mickey Mouse-like ears. Where does he find them? Actually these are realness human beans; Derrick Xtravaganza, Matinga Revlon, Go-Go Harder, Nick Stryker - all male pornness hotness realness as per usual. Oh koi?

Amanda Lepore is bubbling within this video too.... looking as flawless and creamy and pouty and perfectly dressed as usual....I mean, what does one do (?) besides die a little inside seeing all this swirling around La Diamond. For just one second Mr. Diamond sits down at a piano like, was it,...? could it be? ...a bit like vintage Elton just blows your mind and swallows...y'all.

Dwayne Milan...I mean...pleeeez! Can it get more realness? Trust.

Mike Diamond has set new records for Old Skool sound and "keepin' it real".....

Bitch and Cunt an "you're tired" take on the eloquence of a Proustian phrase made of platinum......oh, trust! "Now Bears are just big, fat hairy queens...." is that not poetry or what?

Oh, sugar trust! Real bitches lookin' like drag queens......more poetry, right?

Oh, and Mr. Diamond likes, very much as one should, animals and dogs, so a dog is mentioned ..... he rescues them in between being simply adorably sexy and comically Old Skool fabulous.

He talks about sexual etiquette and defines pretty much every queen out there and also manages to crack a few jokes à la Shecky Green. And mention, and trust not in such a good light, Barbie doll. I think he says she's a bottom.

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Bitch Track Old School House Realness- Oh Sugar, Trust!

'TRUST!' available on iTunes:!-single/id460841769

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Video Directed by Ben Hertzog
Video Produced by Mike Radakovich
Song Produced by Mike Diamond & Devon Perry
Remixed by Urban Gardens Inc

Derrick Xtravaganza
Matinga Revlon
Go-Go Harder
Nick Stryker

Amanda Lepore
Dwayne Milan

Styling by Michael Dass
Fetish Gear by

Shot at Vlada & Greenhouse in NYC

Also to be seen on YOUTUBE, see Mike Diamond's channel: