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samedi 17 décembre 2011

Greg Scarnici and Mike Diamond Spreads Christmas Fear their "Bitch Track" entitled "SEASON'S READINGS"

Greg Scarnici and Mike Diamond Spread Christmas Fear with their "Bitch Track"

For all the HO, HO, HOs out I present the antics of "ManCandy"

Well, he's at it again, our favourite televison star and all around good guy Mike Diamond is back spreading with his pal Greg Scarnici, Christmas fear. He's made, with the talented singer/composer/white gay man and overtly degenerate and cock obsessed Greg Scarnici, a track which summarizes our times. And wishes us a very scary Christmas.

It was the day before Christmas and .....

Everyone wants to be something they aren't...or as Mike'd say "ain't".

Blacks want to be middle class white people from the 60s, white people want to be Super Fly from the 70s and speak with ebonic flair like Mike and Greg. Jews are becoming slutty and sluts are looking very English blue blood or just even sluttier. Everyone is on drugs and slurping cum as if it were Twink (the drink...! Jeez)

Jewish go go boys, like the stellar Jay Roth, abound. This is true. If you'd said to a nice Jewish boy when I was a teen in the 1970s, that Jewish boys would be swinging their schlongs about with relentless aplomb in the future, they'd have slapped you,...and not bitch slap, but plane ol' make contact with your face with the palm of their nice Jewish hand.

Smart people pretend to be nerds wearing black horn rim glasses without any glass in them (I guess its the names "horn" and "rim" which is the key here), which are now considered hot! Alpha males pose like dumb sexy PlayBoy bunnies from the 60s. Also hot. There are alot of transgender people too (once considered exotic and were very closeted, now just about everyone who works at Apple is transgender), out in the world, and in this song track. They want to be just about everything.

Classic Drag queens want to look like their mothers from the 60s and 70s....and according to this pair of Old Skool/Old Ballroom jargon singers, our new 21st-century vaudevillians , "trannies are giving runway down by the Piers".

You might get a bit confused, but Mike and Greg have made it all quite clear....bitch slapping our ears and hearts with poignant observations about pubic hair, cum, twinks, bears, queens, STDs, faggotry, ballroom, twerking, (I think that means when twinks - "the children" - "werk" - that means work - the dance floor) etc in this rather marvellously made clip and track.

Brian Mills, our favourite maker extraordinaire was photography director, so does it surprise you it's so funny and stylish?

The words of this ditty is deeply clever, listen to each true, so funny, so well thought out.....( I constantly have to remind people that in real life, like Phyllis Diller, Mike is not at all like his public persona....he rescues stray dogs and is very gentlemanly and is a nice Jewish boy)

They may come off as vile, filthy minded perverts, but they are in fact very clever socialogists doing their work in the medium of our time, music and tracks.

A Christmas Bitch Track! Written by Greg Scarnici and Mike Diamond, serving up a gay holiday for one and all!

Director of Photography: Brian Mills

Shot on location in DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York.

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Greg is worthy of a whole article, which Mdvanii shall do in the near future,....he's a parodic performer, he does comedy and farce and alot of very gay stuff, all quite hilarious so click on the bio link below and get the details:

lundi 12 décembre 2011

FUCKED UP FOOD OF THE 60s & HOW IT MADE ME GAY: Excerpt NUMBER THREE from "My American Family - In One Era, Out the Other" by BillyBoy*

Jonny McGovern "Dickmatized"

FUCKED UP FOOD OF THE 60s & HOW IT MADE ME GAY: Excerpt NUMBER THREE from "My American Family - In One Era, Out the Other" by BillyBoy*

Food during the early sixties, at least for me, was a very mysterious thing. I am 100% sure it was this stuff which made the chemicals in my body turn me even gayer than I already was. I had a strange fascination/repulsion for food, (as I had for cock and the desire to be caressed by men and boys of any type), as it took on the same vague qualities that mostly everything else did. I somehow believe that, like all inanimate objects (cases in point: Speedy Alka-Selzer and Mr. Peanut) it had a life of its own. And this was a time when junk food took on the absolutely most bizarre forms, shapes, and names - extravagant foods for extravagant times. They gave comfort and familiarity on one hand with the endearing names and all, and had a completely alien life form quality on the other. There were the things I could eat and there were things other children could eat but I could only look at. You have to admit, retrospectively that, the names certainly didn't sound edible. Between ten years of lightening fast change, the sixties junk foods, even though they tried to sound, around the time of astronauts and Olympics, as if they had healthy things in them, were absolutely nuts!

There was Fiddle Faddle, Korkers, Twinkies (which actually looked like common household bacteria under a microscope), Krunchy Nuggest, Ho-Hos, Tasty Kakes, Red Zingers, Zooper-Doopers, Banana Flips, Pringles, Flings, Screaming Yellow Zonkers, Fickle Finger Franks, and Wonka Bars, just to name a very few. Of course, you had to "wash it all down" so-to-speak. The fruit drink Hi-C, sounding madly scientific, was supposedly made in a "special way" (as vague as that sounds!) so it "stays rich in vitamin C!" and during its "Flavor Fling" contest which announced 1107 prizes (including the grand prize of $25,000), they offered consumers to "get acquainted with these famous five flavors" . However, there were lots of alternatives to the pre-packaged liquid soft drink concept. Science class was never so much fun although a number of these refreshing pauses contained red food dye number two and cyclamates which could hardly be called "fun". It was nearly as “fun” as thylitamide.

Those nifty lift-offs into outer space and the whole instant-this-and-instant-that rap was extremely marketable. It mesmerized spectators and consumers alike as powders, concentrates, and tablets that released, for example, "sky blue" flavored beverage as well as gelatinous masses. Wink ("the sassy one"), Mountain Dew ("It'll tickle your innards"), Sprite ("Tart and tingling"), and Tab ("Be a mindsticker"), took the traditional route in glass but not the usual conventional forms, as they came in architectural shaped bottles that paid homage to the latest Apollo rockets as well as the local space-theme drive-in or World's Fair pavilions. The recent glamorization of the newly expanded drug culture made it possible for soft drinks to have a copy such as Wink's: "Join the Cola Dropouts. You get a whole new feeling with Wink. Cola was never like this. You don't just drink Wink. You feel it. A million liquid diamonds turn on all at once. A tintinnabulating tingle wipes out your thirst. And your taste will tell your mind... Wink is where it's at. Now in diet, too." - All I can say now is “Holy Mole-y Macarolly!” . The Fizzies, which came in groovy tablets like drugs, and the Pillsbury Funnyface mix which had Groovy Grape and Rootin' Tootin' Raspberry characters among its flavored spokes-persons had hypnotic alchemistic nuances, not to mention Kool-Aid which apppeared as an inorganic powdered substance which I think recalled cocaine. Jim Jones eventually used some sort of powdered Instant Tang-like substance to use as a fruity tasting mass murder final gulp. These mixes created concoctions that gave one the true sense of creation, (fortunately not often in the way Jones did), a taste of the fast forward modern times euphoria or at least a funny-coloured tongue.

These questionable forms of nourishment had a certain poetic recall and symbolic reference to advancement, accomplishment, success, and harmony within good taste, besides the fact that they supposedly tasted good. The various shapes of these snacktime marvels not only recalled the latest in bacteriology, but also in furniture design and aerodynamics. A Cheese Doodle took on the plastic integrity of a Tecta glass lamp, Bugles had the sculptural "wholeness" of an Arteluce wallsconce or a Verner Panton cone chair, and Fritos had the fluid elasticity of a Storz and Palmer Chaise longue. Pringle, the well-known "newfangled" potato chip, stacked just like the newest chairs by Charles and Ray Eames, while the classic Frito-Lay had the random biomorphisis of Formica's "Skylark" pattern. The sleek, streamlined Scooter Pie vied for structural reliability with the Boeing 707 and the U.S. Enterprise. These treats were loaded with all sorts of chemicals and additives and preservatives, and in scale, parallel to the fuel aboard a DC-7. They were equally aerodynamic.

The dymaxion qualities of these cakes and cookies, with names such as Pop Tarts and Flings suggested not only movement and kinetic experiences which allowed one to fantasize about progress and design, but also, with their general appeal, seduced you with pure aesthetic charisma. In addition, they bowled you over with the magnetism of emotional beckoning. Case examples were fascinating fluorescent pink textured semi-spheroid Sno-Balls hovering over the omnipresent Hostess cupcakes which had highly significant (design-wise) squiggly loops of frosting right down the center. This tubular motif of sugary confection was imitated by lesser known cupcakes throughout the world, but in its original incarnation was as comforting as a reproduction of a colonial armchair. “Traditional yet ‘right’ for now”... contemporary in the truest sense and a bargain at two for twelve cents.

Jay Ward's alter ego Bullwinkle J. Moose (who was really very gay) had a diet comprised exclusively of cupcakes and mooseberry juice (also used as rocket fuel by Rocket J. Squirrel), which seemed limited yet, in its consistency, very sound. They must have packed some wallop though. This also explains Bullwinkle's gay behavior. The synthetic substances baked into the "goodness" of a cupcake unleashed, like an LSD trip, all the furies of the unconscious. Early examples of the spongy cakes, if not for the fact they were the bedrock of gradeschool commodities exchanges ("I'll trade ya my peanut butter and cabbage sandwich for your Ding Dong!") might have been considered dangerous weapons. The example heralded as a precedent in psycho-excuses for total madness came when Dan White was turned into a killer of Supervisor of San Franciisco Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone of San Francisco. He claimed in the trial for first degree murder he was overcome by "temporary insanity" due to his ingestion of two Twinkies although he later admitted that the crime was premeditated. In this case, nobody received "a big delight in every bite" . White's defense was labeled "the Twinkie defense" by the world press. When he was released on parole for voluntary manslaughter, a series of violent riots broke out known as the White Night Riots and people ate Twinkies as these outraged protestors were appalled by the brevity of his sentence, they wanted to imply that they themselves might not be responsible for any violence they may commit towards the monstrous killer. One can only shudder at the 1980s advertised Chicken McNuggets, dressed as Dracula, do to red corpuscles and grey matter. The 1960s “Kaboom!" cereal for children might very well have degenerated average six year-olds into misanthropic Einsteins bent on grade-school carnage.

dimanche 11 décembre 2011

SCOOTER LAFORGE makes his own "PORN-à-PRETER" (copyright BillyBoy* 2011)




I did a double take when I fell upon this...stumbled rather. Like falling over a log in the forest. Its unreal looking. What is that huge thing in the middle of the elephant trunk? Why do I just know this guy is super, super popular in which ever city he lives. I bet he nevers has a day where he has no idea what to do. Or wear. Some people are just born lucky,...or cursed, dependant on how you look at it (and look at it you cannot avoid). I wonder if that thing eats peanuts and is afraid of mice?

This photo is so seedy and fabulous and Neo Punk, I had to steal it off of my friend Scooter's blog/thingy.....on

Scooter Laforge...San Fran Castro Street habitué and observer/participator, well, words fail me, I shall attempt some to capture the glamour and sexed up slap in the face you get when you look at his stuff. Is it art? Is it fashion? Is it porn? It's "Porn-à-Preter" (copyright BillyBoy* 2011 - A Mdvaniiism by BillyBoy* & Lala)

He has loads of friends on FaceBook....

His work: Its all about auto-fellation, death, clowns, cartoons, erect cocks, proud sex workers, more erect cocks, huge cocks, storybooks, little boys in 50s clothes, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, BabyBoom, Daddy fixations, Daddy Love me, Pleeeez, Bears, Slim Jims, Youth, pre-cum, ejaculations, young thin men, nipples, odours, barechests, cockrings, piercings, Nasty Pig (A place you can buy his stuff), East Village, fist fucking, nature scenes, over-exposure, under acknowledged, drag queen worship, butterflies, obsessive/compulsive behaviour, surviving the financial depression in New York, cum, leftover cold pizza, unmade beds, urine stains, obscene words, bad drawing, good drawing, bad cop/good cop, edgy, gaytube, amateur porn, dark corridors, tenement buildings, Disney porn, hand jobs, quickies, munchies, bottoms, tops, teeshirts, tight pants, versatile, alternative scene, jerkoff parties, sausage parties, jealous husbands, I'm a very stylish girl! seven dwarves, smoking cigarettes, picking guys up in strangedark places, techno music, electro, bukkake, doilies, dainty, post-modernism revisited, Mad Men, pissing, designer labels, acrylics, Plastique Fantasique, webcams, spread-eagel, jockstraps, 60s style, video, music biz, big eyeballs, Cyclops, art biz, fucking, minor and major underground celebrities, smoke-y night clubs, grundgy apartments, flattery, paint tubes, lipstick, dirty socks, kinky, funny, humour, Mad Magazine, Castro Street, Gay Pride, IN YOUR FACE, boyfriends, splattered paint, sweaty armpits, leather stuff, fetishism, fuck you if you can't take a joke, messy gay sex, boys, beauty, gorgeous boys in underwear. masks, body hair, hair gel, auto-portraits, crotches, ripped jeans, ripped clothes, ripped off, rippled chests, sneakers, using the word cunt in reference to a guy, bunnies, muscle mags, facials, twinks, threesomes, muscle cars, bitches, emails, internet sex, blogs, pals, shemales, werk it gurl!, scumbags, EX-BOYFRIENDS à Go-GO, Go Go Dancers, Farrah Fawcett, skeletons, sock fetishism, Boylesque, strippers, hard-ons, hard to understand, hard life, Humpty Dumpty, ass shots, good life, fabulousness, grit, shite, shoot, high, pot, farting unashamedly, dyed hair, tattoos, artifical, retro 60s lunchboxes, customizing, phoney Buddhists, money hungry, slapstick, comedy musicals, gay history, rubber party favours and farces et attrapes, faking Chanel logos, Bugs Bunny, S&M, bondage toys, dildoes, slogans, stencils, silkscreens, eating food out of the can, fake fur, tie dye, tribal, New Wave, low lighting, glitter, facial expressions, make-up, Smurf face, boys in make up, candy, tough thug porn, pick ups, oh God, I'm gonna cum, channeling Warhol, LOOK AT ME, Smile-y face, Stud Fuck, blowjobs, Popeye, pinball, narcissism, Marilyn Monroe, poverty, glamour, nice accessories, purses, Ronald McDonald, Mickey Mouse, spiders, fastfood, stuffed toys, monkey mask, full ashtrays, body worship, pierced cocks, rock and roll, punk rock, fantasy, gay sex, gay sex, gay sex,,........and more auto-fellation.

(How can you not be totally amused by someone who cums in his own mouth?)

So how can you not totally adore it?

His stuff is at Patricia Field's shop in New York.

Check this out if your horny, or want to wear something totally Neo Neo Neo Punk New York Street Savvy Fabulousness.

mardi 6 décembre 2011

Art by Davey: Photo Booth Me by Jeremy Rocklin for New York Lives

Art by Davey has been a dancer, photographer, and designer in New York City since 1984. "Photo Booth Me" is his self-portrait project, using Photo Booth software to create the eclectic visuals he refers to collectively as his Tribe.

Davey Mitchell werks it here, like you cannot even begin to imagine...divineness and fabulosity ... Mdvanii is soooo proud of him and thinks he is sublimb.

Soon to be featured on the newly up-dated Fondation Tanagra website, Davey is also know in New York City for his Red Lion performances.

Created by

New York Lives is a web video site featuring portraits of New Yorkers from many different walks of life.

Check them out at