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dimanche 25 juillet 2010

The First Soraya Advertisment 1992

Here is a close up of the first Soraya ads shown in the various Mdvanii catalogues....she had already been launched for more than a year without a name!...and as she was the psychic friend of Mdvanii...we asked collectors and the press to discover her name..."it would come to you in a dream"...the advertisment said. Click on the photos of the catalogue in the post below and read about her. She was supposed to be the "doll of the future". It turned out that should be become a cult figure in Mdvaniis world, highly coveted and rare....collectors adored her coloured beehive hairdos and her heavily embroidered sari ensembles. Her incense, which came with every doll, inpsired people and eventually some unscrupulous people even tried to make counterfeits of her wigs and clothes.

Soraya came in many versions, many various skintones and had a vast array of ensembles inspired by India, many emroidered by important embroidery ateliers in India....

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