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lundi 19 juillet 2010


Why is Mdvanii an inspiration to you?

Mdvanii is an inspiration to me because she represents more than just the visual; it's about a way of being in how she expresses herself through what she wears. I instantly connected with her because that's how I have been all my life, so to me, to see her and her friend, Dheei, is like being with long time friends. There is something to say about expressionism through one's own personal style, certainly very rare these days when the masses look to magazines for guidance as opposed to using a little creativity to add one's own voice. Mdvanii and Dheei are both eclectic souls who can at one moment pay homage to the legendary designers of the major couture houses in their visuals but can also serve you POP art, or a more classic lounge way of life, depending on their Mdvanii is truly about a "WAY OF BEING".

How did you discover Mdvanii?

I discovered the world of Mdvanii through designer and long time BillyBoy* toy collector, Mark Ruffin, and eventually connected with BB* through Facebook. I must admit I was reluctant to join Facebook for personal reasons, but I can say meeting BB* has been quite magical for me especially this year. Mdvanii and BB* were both very supportive of me during that time when my father was very ill with Cancer. I will never forget that. I was mailed the Mdvanii T-shirt shortly after he passed, and it will be something I will cherish always, as it represents when new angels had come into my life.

What characteristics does Mdvanii have that make her a cult icon?

The way she inspires others to go beyond the norm.

That she has transcended through time and pays homage to her past.

Her freedom of expression.

Her appreciation for her own surroundings…

and for her Legendary status!

Which Mdvanii work of art do you personally find most compelling? Why?

The most compelling works of the Mdvanii collections involve those inspired from different parts of the globe, especially Africa, India and the Far East as that is how I approach my own personal style, so its within that mindset where I feel we connect. What I love the MOST in all of the works is the attention to detail, the choice of fabrics and accessories, is just BEYOND. I really adore that in her world.

What are your hopes for the future of the House of Mdvanii?

I would love to see a film with the girls in animation work, or a movie inspired by Mdvanii and Dheei, or enlarged mannequins...though on a more personal note, BillyBoy* has asked me to collaborate with him on a TOP SECRET project involving the girls, which I am very excited about, all I can say is that we will be "SERVING THE CHILDREN" so stay tuned for details....

Glitter and Roses my dear!!!

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