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dimanche 25 juillet 2010

"Karputhala" - inspired by India for Soraya and Mdvanii & friends

"Karputhala" Soraya and Mdvanii ensemble, done during the "India" period which started almost as soon as Mdvanii herself was created (she already was made in ethnic forms including Indian, as early as 1987/1988). BillyBoy* started doing embroideries in India for Mdvanii in 1988 for her launch in 1989 and continued to be inpsired by India with outfits starting as early as 1989 and 1990 such as these.

Soraya, was actually made at the same time as Dheei, but was launched only at the end of 1991 when the 1992 catalogues came out...she was available though in the atelier and boutique in Paris and many collectors who had contact with the artists could acquire her as early as 1990... ... the jewels and accessories in this early ensemble are particulary rare. The brocade is an authentic Schlapfer fabric made for the haute couture française...

BillyBoy* was always inspired by India and Bollywood and the Indian culture, especially the myths and all the exquisite gods and goddesses.....Lala had a particular flair for the painting of the objects and with his inspiration, the creations for these early years was quite intense.

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  1. He can still make more Indian dolls. An interest can always be renewed through meeting new people.