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samedi 17 décembre 2011

Greg Scarnici and Mike Diamond Spreads Christmas Fear their "Bitch Track" entitled "SEASON'S READINGS"

Greg Scarnici and Mike Diamond Spread Christmas Fear with their "Bitch Track"

For all the HO, HO, HOs out I present the antics of "ManCandy"

Well, he's at it again, our favourite televison star and all around good guy Mike Diamond is back spreading with his pal Greg Scarnici, Christmas fear. He's made, with the talented singer/composer/white gay man and overtly degenerate and cock obsessed Greg Scarnici, a track which summarizes our times. And wishes us a very scary Christmas.

It was the day before Christmas and .....

Everyone wants to be something they aren't...or as Mike'd say "ain't".

Blacks want to be middle class white people from the 60s, white people want to be Super Fly from the 70s and speak with ebonic flair like Mike and Greg. Jews are becoming slutty and sluts are looking very English blue blood or just even sluttier. Everyone is on drugs and slurping cum as if it were Twink (the drink...! Jeez)

Jewish go go boys, like the stellar Jay Roth, abound. This is true. If you'd said to a nice Jewish boy when I was a teen in the 1970s, that Jewish boys would be swinging their schlongs about with relentless aplomb in the future, they'd have slapped you,...and not bitch slap, but plane ol' make contact with your face with the palm of their nice Jewish hand.

Smart people pretend to be nerds wearing black horn rim glasses without any glass in them (I guess its the names "horn" and "rim" which is the key here), which are now considered hot! Alpha males pose like dumb sexy PlayBoy bunnies from the 60s. Also hot. There are alot of transgender people too (once considered exotic and were very closeted, now just about everyone who works at Apple is transgender), out in the world, and in this song track. They want to be just about everything.

Classic Drag queens want to look like their mothers from the 60s and 70s....and according to this pair of Old Skool/Old Ballroom jargon singers, our new 21st-century vaudevillians , "trannies are giving runway down by the Piers".

You might get a bit confused, but Mike and Greg have made it all quite clear....bitch slapping our ears and hearts with poignant observations about pubic hair, cum, twinks, bears, queens, STDs, faggotry, ballroom, twerking, (I think that means when twinks - "the children" - "werk" - that means work - the dance floor) etc in this rather marvellously made clip and track.

Brian Mills, our favourite maker extraordinaire was photography director, so does it surprise you it's so funny and stylish?

The words of this ditty is deeply clever, listen to each true, so funny, so well thought out.....( I constantly have to remind people that in real life, like Phyllis Diller, Mike is not at all like his public persona....he rescues stray dogs and is very gentlemanly and is a nice Jewish boy)

They may come off as vile, filthy minded perverts, but they are in fact very clever socialogists doing their work in the medium of our time, music and tracks.

A Christmas Bitch Track! Written by Greg Scarnici and Mike Diamond, serving up a gay holiday for one and all!

Director of Photography: Brian Mills

Shot on location in DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York.

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