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mardi 6 décembre 2011

Art by Davey: Photo Booth Me by Jeremy Rocklin for New York Lives

Art by Davey has been a dancer, photographer, and designer in New York City since 1984. "Photo Booth Me" is his self-portrait project, using Photo Booth software to create the eclectic visuals he refers to collectively as his Tribe.

Davey Mitchell werks it here, like you cannot even begin to imagine...divineness and fabulosity ... Mdvanii is soooo proud of him and thinks he is sublimb.

Soon to be featured on the newly up-dated Fondation Tanagra website, Davey is also know in New York City for his Red Lion performances.

Created by

New York Lives is a web video site featuring portraits of New Yorkers from many different walks of life.

Check them out at

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