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jeudi 4 novembre 2010

Guy Bourdin cover try featuring Mdvanii for Harper's Bazaar, 1989

"In 1989 since several years I was an editor for Harper's Bazaar in Paris for the French and Italian editions...I was contributing articles about my celebrity friends and about fashion and art. One big feature was called BillyBoy* Goes To Hollywood". Cathy Wilke was editor-in-chief. Due to this happy association, they in turn were extremely generous in that they often wrote about me, did big articles about various projects of mine, featured the work Lala and I were doing in couture accessories such as the jewels we did for the various haute couturiers, and I regularly modeled for them in clothes by Gaultier and Mugler. When Mdvanii debuted in 1989 they also did a huge feature article and often showed her. Here, Guy Bourdin made a cover try, making a model look as close as possible to the first Mdvanii (who is wearing her debut ensemble of a opera coat in green satin over a pale pink satin gown with it's black lace overskirt called Reception Mondaine). I think it came out but I don't recall what the final cover looked like. I kept this polaroid in my diary as it was given to me during the shooting. I recently found it while looking through my diaries. Looking back, I find the image very fascinating and haunting." - BillyBoy*

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  1. I love the fact he was an editor for the Italian edition of Harper's Bazaar and the French edition of Harper's Bazaar. It must've been the coolest job ever! The 1980's were the era of the supermodels and fashion was at its prime. I think it was predestined for BillyBoy* to write for those publications during that time.