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dimanche 14 novembre 2010

Christopher Stribley's Show A Success, PLUS He's In Love With Marcus Rock & They Are Making Love In Public, A Sexier Remake Of The 19th-Century

Okay World; Listen Up!

This is how it went down at multi-talented artist Christopher Stribley's show recently, in his own words:

"The opening went very well, I thought. It was certainly well received. Gazelle Polo attended and brought a documentary crew with him. They're filming a documentary about him, but he specifically chose to come to my event, which was utterly delightful. He also brought Paul Alexander with him, who was lovely. There was a lady who spent some time studying the images intently and making very thoughtful comments on them and asking me questions. When she was leaving she revealed that she's a gallery owner and would love to have me show in her gallery on Broome St and she gave me her card. So that's very exciting.

The turn-out wasn't huge, but everyone who was there clearly enjoyed the show and I was very pleased with the outcome. I think it works very well in the store and CC was so delighted with it, that she asked if I could keep it up for the rest of the year. So I think it went very well for something that I curated completely on my own on a shoe string budget.

I have a few more pics that I will post in the near future. I really must crash for now, as I need rest so I can go to the American Garbage opening tomorrow. that's the show I did the Trashionista (Anna Wintour) piece for, which has already been very well received.

Really quickly too, you may have noticed from some of my posts that I am madly in love and it's SO unexpected and wonderful! More on that soon too. Marcus Rock. Heaven."

So, that sounds pretty rootin' tootin' fantastic considering how dreary the world is right now and how hard it is to do anything artistic....SO, if you have any pretense to collecting good pieces of new art, as you can see, it is beyond reasonably priced. If you are in New York City, just go to the venue and buy something. Do so before you can't and you regret it when he turns into an "art darling" and you won't be able to afford a damn thing from him!

Check it out immediately, buy something and feel good knowing that you have a work of art from someone who is not only talented but also in love, an added few show love in such a public way as he and his fiancé Marcus Rock....reading their lovemaking on FaceBook is not only deliciously voyeuristic but it's like a super 21st-century version of the 19th-century....Christopher is like literature but without the effort of reading.....just as dreamy but easier to figure into your emploi du temps.....he's a poem infact.

As you can also see, he's turning into a romantic 19th-century portrait and resembles more than ever before a painting from the 19th-century....but in a very 21st-century way...

I'm telling you he is pure art....

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