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mardi 7 juin 2011

Plastic Robot Plans to Plastic Wrap the Town! A Mixed Media project in New York, NY by Christopher Stribley

About this project

I will be creating a number of new paintings, as well as several screen prints, collage pieces, textile pieces, and sculptures for a show that will open, here in NY, on August 4th. Paintings will be done on pages of vintage books, such as medical manuals and will require matting and framing. Collage pieces will be made of found materials and I will also need to purchase some materials to complete them, add finishing touches, and possibly to display them. I am working on a couple of sets of screen prints, which will be printed on paper mostly, with a few printed on t-shirts. The sculptures will mostly be made of plastic toys, which I will melt together. I will also be creating one sculpture out of plaster bandages and some other curious bits and pieces, including roofing nails and string. My main themes are anomalies, love, and war, with the themes intertwining at times.

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