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mardi 31 mai 2011

AleXander Hirka - Localvorism doesn't end with broccoli.

Sixty-first copy of the limited edition just sold.
Localvorism doesn't end with broccoli.
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Mdvanii encourages all her friends to buy one of these sleek new artworks by AleXander Hirka, the previously known Dadaist TorridZone Igloo.....go to this blog and order it, you can be assured it'll be total Dada pleasure for you.... Inventor of theSmega magazine, of the earliest punk/new wave/dada reviews with the likes of his herd of Smegmagicians, (which included many notable NY scene artists of the period 1978-1981) .....

Now, his work is included in the library of The Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The breadth and scope of his work is great and all those interested in the most challenging ideas of contemporary collage and avant-gardism will enjoy knowing more about Mr. Hirka.....So, run, don't walk to this artist and his latest art work and buy it, it's only ten dollars a copy, and you can't beat that! "Plump, Juicy Tender" - Hot Dog, You Bet!

2 commentaires:

  1. Thank you for the support of this work. This book includes four new visual extrapolations, which are a new venture for me in that, after years of utilizing more traditional collage methods, these photo-montages are constructed digitally, exclusively from my own photography. These images reflect, more so that illustrate, the compelling short story, by master storyteller T. Remington, at the center of this book.
    Another recent example of my new work is here:

  2. We can only encourage people to acquire this work....Mr Hirka has not only created innovation throughout the years and a great body of fascinating artworkbut he has achieved a genuine uniqueness in the art community. This new work can only be another fascinating example of his talent.