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jeudi 16 décembre 2010

Mdvaniiism - A Schiaparelli Surrealist set of Shoe Hats worn by Gala Dali

2 commentaires:

  1. She was a surreal couturier and created pieces of art that didn't seem like clothes but were clothes. She created a new form of fashion, which is pure what you would see in an art gallery. I hope this makes sense...

  2. well, actually, she was neither an artist or a surreal couturier. MOST of her clothes were chic wearable clothes and very simplistic designs which made them so new for the era. She did not believe that her clothes were art works and I think she would have not been happy if instead of being worn were in museums......when they were supposed to be bought and worn.She did create a new form of clothes, much more simple than clothes at that time, which were fussy and romantic, her's were hard edged and very sober...only a few pieces had references to Surrealism and that was for a very brief period in the mid to late 1930s. I do not believe what she did is pure art, though she was extremely artistic. She was a great dress designer, and it's only now, after so many decades that we can see them in museums because this art of dressing is now gone, so it has entered, only now, into the realm of art, though it is more like an applied art than fine art.