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mercredi 13 octobre 2010

J. Craig Shelton III shares a Mdvanii from his collection with us

J. Craig Shelton III is a serious Mdvanii collector who has some of the rarest outfits you can imagine. He has fully grasped the reasons the artists invented Mdvanii and interacts with her as they ideally would wish. She is truly "art for contemplation" and Mr Shelton III engages in this contemplation with his amazing collection.

Here we see the immensely rare Casino prototype outfit, for which he has the entire set, yet here he uses some of the truly unusual accessories of several other unique, one-of-a-kind prototype outfits he owns making a totally unique Mdvanii look. Notice the rare Cabriolet hat worn with the ensemble. He took the photos of his collection, all the pieces being great rarities. He has a magnificent collection and the artists are always happy to see his photos which show how imaginative he is with it.

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